How To Tell Which Is In Your Yard

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Because snakes don’t dig up dirt and usually either steal another animal’s hole or shrug into loose dirt to make a small one, their holes are more like crevices. You can see the opening and it can go inches deep, but that’s where it ends. As for moles? They live to dig tunnels, so their holes would naturally have various tunnels running underneath which often causes the surrounding soil to collapse within. This is another indicator that you have moles instead of snakes. Snake holes are usually in plain sight.

Another factor of differentiation between mole and snake holes, which will signal to you which one is occupying your yard, is how the surrounding vegetation looks. Snakes don’t disturb the area, but moles dig up roots and destroy gardens and lawns with their burrowing activity. They leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Because snakes use their slender bodies to form precise holes for themselves, their holes usually take on that slim, narrow shape. Mole holes, on the other hand, tend to be more oval-shaped.

Climate plays an important role in figuring out which animal lives in the hole in your yard. Garden snakes usually prefer to live in warmer climates because they are cold-blooded and depend on the sun’s heat to warm themselves. Moles don’t mind cooler weather. If you live in either of these regions, that could help you pinpoint the animal culprit.  

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