How To Update Your Midcentury Home With Advice From The Stars Of HGTV’s Married To Real Estat

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Renovating an older home can be a balancing act of figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of. You want to maintain some of the original details but not too many so the space doesn’t look dated. The family room in Jessica and Jeff’s home, the clients in this episode, is the perfect example of this. The room featured wood paneling, wall-to-wall carpets, heavy wooden built-ins, and a bulky bar. Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson didn’t want to eliminate these features completely. Instead, they revamped them to fit the more modern style.

Of these features, the carpeting was the only one completely removed. Carpeting can hold onto dust, pollen, dander, and dirt for years, potentially affecting allergies and contributing to a dirty household. Wall-to-wall carpet is also simply not part of contemporary design, so it makes sense that Sherrod and Jackson replaced the carpet with a simple neutral tile.

As for the built-ins and the wood paneling, Sherrod and Jackson updated the details but kept them as features. They kept the wood paneling in most of the room but removed it on some walls to open the family room up to the dining room and kitchen. The upper built-in cabinets were replaced with open shelving, while the lower cabinets received a cosmetic facelift. The bulky bar was taken out in favor of an open doorway.

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