Is Kenny Pickett the Right Choice?

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Kenny Pickett once heralded as a promising pick for the Pittsburgh Steelers, now finds himself in a precarious position. Despite participating in several victorious games for the team, Pickett’s contribution to these successes remains under scrutiny. The Steelers, renowned for their unyielding support and unwavering dedication to their players, continue publicly backing Pickett. Head coach Mike Tomlin is expected to defend his players rigorously, at least until the culmination of the season.

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However, the organization’s underlying sentiment seems to be dissatisfaction. Last year, the team attempted a temporary fix by bringing in Mitch Trubisky. The hope was that Pickett would be a more effective solution, but this expectation is gradually waning.

The Steelers, a team with a passionate fan base known for selling out every game and maintaining a historical record of .500 or better, are not ones to remain passive in the face of underperformance. They are likely to seek a new quarterback for the next season. This change could come in the form of a first, second, or third-round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft or perhaps through acquiring a free agent.

For now, the team’s strategy appears to be to continue supporting Pickett while subtly preparing for a shift in their quarterback strategy. This situation puts Tomlin in a challenging position, as the current roster limits his options.

The team’s odds of reaching the playoffs with Pickett at the helm are currently even at -110, but momentum is shifting the wrong way. Bettors and fans are watching closely as the season progresses, anticipating potential shifts in performance and personnel.

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