Writers made good points about danger of Trump, positives of Westfield (Letter)

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I read with great interest Michael Camerota’s letter to the editor dated Nov. 25 (“Trump Isn’t Bothering to Hide His Fascist Plans”). I couldn’t agree with him more. Being of German lineage (about seven or eight generations since coming to the USA), I have read “Mein Kampf.” I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Camerota on his thoughts and reasoning. My relatives fought against the Germans that foolishly followed the leaders of Germany during World War I (“the war to end all wars,” which proved to be false) and Hitler during World War II.

I believe that Mr. Trump will take this country down a path that we may never come back from. I spent over 22 years in the military and it was drilled into me to salute the rank, not the person. I can say that I could never salute Mr. Trump, even if he was commander-in-chief.

Also, I wish to comment on Dan Oleksak’s guest commentary of Nov. 30 (“It’s True: Westfield Is the ‘Best Field’”). I have written a few times to the editor, usually not agreeing with Mr. Oleksak. But I have to say that the commentary was right on and well written. Since it was not of political format, it was a great write-up about the greatness of Westfield.

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