Last Crumb Is Getting Spicy With A New Fly By Jing Chili Crisp Cookie Collab

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For this collaboration with Fly By Jing, Last Crumb has replaced its signature luxe black box with a red one. Renowned for delivering luxury cookies freshly baked in Los Angeles, Last Crumb’s packaging promises their cookies arrive at your doorstep in near-perfect condition. Each cookie is meticulously packaged in an individual ziplocked bag.

However, this luxury and quality come at a price. The collaboration box costs $150 before taxes and shipping, and that’s for nine Last Crumb cookies and three jars of Fly By Jing sauces (priced at $34 on Fly By Jing’s website). The pricing seems hefty, especially during a season when families and friends often gift and exchange homemade cookies. Last Crumb cookies are known for being expensive but, sometimes, the quality has been questionable, with multiple reviewers finding hair baked into their cookies amongst other complaints.

The high pricing also raises questions and highlights an emerging chasm between luxury branding and the humble, communal joys of food sharing and gifting during the holidays. There is a silver lining, however, as this collaboration supports a small AAPI woman-owned business. The partnership, while opulent in pricing, does contribute to a broader, culturally rich food landscape where cookies can be deliciously sweet and spicy.

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