Save Money On Dryer Balls With This Genius Laundry Day DIY

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To begin this inventive hack, gather old wool sweaters, scarves, gloves, coats, and more — anything of the sort you’re not wearing anymore. If you don’t have anything around the house, you can always find items at your local thrift store. Just be sure to clean all fabrics first. 

Next, cut your clothes into strips, wrapping these pieces around each other until a ball forms. Keep wrapping until the result is roughly the size of a tennis ball, making several of them in the process. When you’re done, place these dryer balls in pantyhose, tying them off individually. Put them in a pot of water and bring that to a boil. Then, remove the pot from the heat and let them steep until the water cools. Remove excess water, heat them in your dryer, and repeat the process until your ball is the desired size.  They’ll shrink as it’s part of the felting process. 

You have to boil your dryer balls to keep the strips of fabric together. The process of felting ensures that the wool fibers are securely intertwined, preventing your DIY dryer balls from untangling in your laundry. But why can’t you use cotton for this project? For starters, felted wool offers waterproof properties that you can’t get from other natural materials. Other materials would offer a soggy mess. Additionally, mold loves organic materials. You don’t want to risk nasty spores forming in your dryer balls if they’re prone to retaining moisture. This is what makes water-resistant options — such as wool — the best choice.  

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