Jayda Cheaves Doesn’t Cheat, She Uses “Breaks” To Do Her “Dirt” 

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Jayda Cheaves has folks online tussling about the definition of cheating. ‘The Impact ATL’ star recently revealed she’s “never” cheated during a livestream. However, she got mixed reactions after saying she’s used relationship “breaks” to get her lickback.

Cheaves shared her comments in a recent TikTok livestream. Nearly 7,000 viewers tuned in as she explained how her loyalty works.

“I’ve never cheated on any of my boyfriends ever; I don’t cheat. But them lil’ breaks? In between? Them lil’ breaks? That’s when I do my dirt. But I never have like been in a relationship with a partner and cheated. Never.”

Cheaves added that she can “stand on all ten toes” behind her loyalty while in a relationship.

Watch what she said below.

Jayda Cheaves’ Last Public Relationship Was With Rapper Lil Baby

Jayda’s rise to fame included an on-and-off relationship with Atlanta rapper Lil Baby. The former couple share a four-year-old son named Loyal.

In her livestream, Cheaves didn’t specify if she’s done any “dirt” while on a break from Lil Baby. In August 2022, she shut down rumors of rekindling a romance with the “My Dawg” artist after being spotted together.

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“It’s 100% okay to be cordial with the person you’re raising a child with…it’s not normalized in today’s society, but it’s true. Y’all want me and Loyal daddy to be beefing so bad. We over that stage. We friends,” she wrote in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Over a year later — this past September — she denied pregnancy rumors. Instead, she said her temporary social media disappearance was due to being “super-duper consumed” with her relationship.

“I, like, gave my relationship another shot, and it shot me,” Jayda Cheaves said, followed by laughter. “It’s really not funny [but] I’m laughing — it’s a trauma response.”

As of Sept., she was single and still open to love finding her.

Fans Drop Mixed Reactions To Jayda’s Stance On Cheating

Meanwhile, fans of the entrepreneur jumped into The Shade Room’s Instagram comment section under a repost of the livestream. The reactions vary from person to person.

@urban.misfit wrote, “Ain’t no Break. We either together or we BREAKING UP. If you THAT mad at me that we can’t work it out with a conversation & maybe not see each for a few days, then we don’t need to be together. Breaks are excuses to cheat in my eyes & you ain’t gone tell me different.”

@anitablantolive wrote, “I can remember agreeing to a break once with someone in my 20’s. In the end it lead to the scene from Confessions. ‘I gotta tell you the woman I love that I’m having a baby by a woman I barely even know”’ Have a nice life sir. Ladies, breaks are BS.”

@lorrdpoee wrote, “Everybody for everybody at this point. it’s cool though! Enjoy your turn b/c I know I am!” 

@mserikabryant wrote, “Ditto sis! Those who play correctly slay directly.”

@ilovehoneymami wrote, “Some people create breaks JUST so they can deal with the people they been telling you not to ‘worry’ about. That’s the REAL KICKER. It’s definitely cheating and being manipulative cuz it’s on done to create enough space to take a break then pick up where you left off like nothing happened.”

Roomies, thoughts on what Jayda Cheaves shared? 

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