Quarter Auction held in Chicopee to benefit local veterans

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CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) — We’ve all heard the saying, ‘small things add up.’ That was the case in Chicopee on Sunday at the Chicopee Moose Lodge, where KSH Vendor Events held a charity Quarter Auction to benefit local veterans.

“It’s kinda like Bingo on steroids,” explained one member of KSH Vendor Events.

That’s the description of what a Quarter Auction is. Where donated items from vendors and companies are raffled off to everyone in the crowd, but instead of making bids, the people simply pay in quarters to raise their paddle to get a chance to win the prize.

Here at the Chicopee Moose Lodge, KSH Vendor Events holds these fundraisers for local charities. And, on Sunday afternoon the CFO of the company, and daughter of a veteran, was holding a quarter auction for something near and dear to her heart.

“Today we’re helping the disabled veterans Auxiliary Chapter 11 out of Westover to raise money, so in turn they can help the veterans,” expressed Sue Horton of KSH Vendor Events.

The room was filled with people both donating lots of quarters, and winning prizes all afternoon. In the midst of the holiday season, it means that much more.

Kelly Horton of KSH Vendor Events told 22News, “It is very nice especially during the holiday season, we know December is hard for people to come out and donate to charities, and we definitely do appreciate those that do come out.”

This quarter auction isn’t the last one, there’s already four more scheduled. Once per month with all different causes. KSH will be holding more of these fundraisers coming up for the Foundation for TJO Animals, The Children’s Miracle Network, Moose Charities, and All Our Kids.

It’s a unique way to help a good cause and if you want to take part in the fun, all you need is to go out and get a bunch of rolls of quarters. Over $1,000 was the goal today, and now that money will go to improving the quality of life for veterans right here in western Massachusetts.

Heath Kalb is a reporter who has been a part of the 22News team since 2022. Follow Heath on X @HeathKalb and view his bio to see more of his work.

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