Bruins’ Trent Frederic Seeks More Revenge After Fight With Jacob Trouba

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BOSTON — Bruins forward Trent Frederic doled out a little bit of revenge by dropping the gloves with Rangers defenseman Jacob Trouba on Saturday night at TD Garden.

But for Frederic, the quick scrap wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

Frederic still seeks more fights against Trouba, who just three weeks ago took a baseball swing with his stick and hit Frederic in the head. Trouba wasn’t suspended for the action, but did receive a $5,000 fine from the NHL.

“I could never hit him hard enough as he hit me,” Frederic said following Boston’s 2-1 overtime loss. “So, would have to fight him 10 times to do that. That’s what’s nice about hockey. You can’t do that in other sports.”

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Asked if he indeed had to fight Trouba nine more times to get the requisite amount of payback, Frederic certainly didn’t shoot down the idea.

“Yeah, I would do it,” Frederic said. “I mean, you can’t hit somebody as hard as you can with a hockey stick as a fist, but you can try. I appreciate him bringing it back up.”

Frederic said he wanted to fight Trouba right after the opening faceoff. It would have been on-brand given that the Bruins honored the Lunch Pail A.C. era — a group known for their fighting ways — as part of their centennial season.

“Right off the get-go, I think that’s why he didn’t want to fight me because he probably knew it would have everybody jacked up,” Frederic said.

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Frederic will have to wait a few months until he sees Trouba and the Rangers again as the Bruins play New York one final time in the regular season on March 21.

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