Bradley Cooper Cracks Up While Talking About His High School Reunion

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Bradley Cooper
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Bradley Cooper was all giggles while discussing his 30-year high school reunion.

When Cooper, 48, stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, December 19, he noted he went to “a couple” of his Germantown Academy reunions in Pennsylvania, including his 20th and 25th. Most recently, he attended his 30th reunion, which he said was about two weeks ago.

“Really?” host Jimmy Fallon asked. “Would you lie? You’re being honest?”

“I think I would tell you the truth,” Cooper replied, adding that he arrived early to the reunion.

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“What, did you go to the 29th anniversary?” Fallon joked as the pair began hysterically laughing. The A Star Is Born actor continued recounting his milestone reunion, calling it “great” and reiterating his punctuality.

“I was early, and I put the sign out front. It said ‘Germantown Academy,’” he shared. “And then people came and I welcomed them.”

The Maestro actor, director and producer continued: “But when I was in high school, I used to go by Brad, and now I go by Bradley. I felt like I was some weird imposter, but that is my real name — Bradley.”

After graduating high school, Cooper enrolled at Villanova University. He later transferred to Georgetown University, where he graduated in 1997. When Fallon asked Cooper whether people at the reunion “freak” out that he’s now an A-lister, Cooper said no.

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“It was really — it was awesome,” he said. “It was just regular. I think it was just, like, time had passed, and it was just cool. There was a guy [at a reunion] before, and I think I said it here, he was not cool. But he was not there.”

This is not the first time Cooper’s high school experience has come up on The Tonight Show. In 2018, Cooper recalled one awkward interaction with a former classmate.

“There was this guy there who was like the best athlete in high school—and he was the nicest guy in high school — and he was so, like, gifted,” Cooper explained. “He was a running back. He was the s–t. He was very good.”

While noting that his classmate “was pretty inebriated” at the time, Cooper said “he was looking at me like I’ve never seen him look before.”

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“And he was like, ‘How’d that happen, Brad?’” Cooper said, regarding his success. “I was like, ‘Wait what? How’d what happen?’”

Cooper told Fallon, “You never know how people are going to react.”

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