Rihanna Had No Plans To Announce Pregnancy At The Super Bowl

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While most of us were expecting Rihanna to announce (or perform) some new music during her Super Bowl Halftime Show, the singer went on to break the internet by announcing something even bigger — her second pregnancy.

Fans rushed to social media within the first couple of seconds, speculating whether Rih-Rih was letting the Navy know she had a bun in the oven by noticeably keeping the zipper below her baby bump.

Her Pregnancy Announcement Was Not Planned

It turns out that Rihanna never intended to reveal her pregnancy as she gave details about what went down in the lead-up to her iconic performance.

The singer, who recently dropped her latest Fenty x Puma collaboration spoke to Access Hollywood about the slight wardrobe malfunction she endured before going on stage.

“Here’s the thing. I did what I had to do, right? My jumper couldn’t zip up,” Rihanna expressed, implying that her bump had grown past the point of being able to zip up her outfit.

Being the professional that she is, however, Rih-Rih decided she was still going to wear the attire, regardless of whether it meant that people would know she was pregnant or not.

The Bajan beauty revealed just how secretive she was about her second pregnancy, recalling that she had kept everyone from the show completely clueless.

Rihanna says she didn’t even tell her stylist, who she simply requested to make her outfit stretchy.

“No one knew I was pregnant. I just told my stylist, ‘Make sure it’s stretchy,’” she explained. “So the undergarment was stretchy and this was baggy, but you know, the zip. It just stopped right there! So it had to be what it had to be.”

Rihanna Reminded Us Why She’s That Girl

The pregnancy announcement became one of the highlights of Rihanna’s 13-minute-long performance, with many fans going on to praise her for pulling through a fast-paced set all while singing live.

Not to mention the choreography that had Rihanna serving up all kinds of moves across the stage – she really did that, okay!

At the time of her performance, fans didn’t know how far along she was, though her prominent bump had indicated she was well into her pregnancy. On August 1, Rihanna finally welcomed her bundle of joy – a baby boy named Riot – whom she also shares with her beau, A$ap Rocky.

The pair previously welcomed their firstborn, RZA, to the world in May 2022.

Rihanna Was Surprised To See Riot Didn’t Have Her Forehead

Rihanna also recently spoke on motherhood and raising two children while juggling a billion-dollar empire.

During her chat with the aforementioned publication, she shared an adorable detail about Riot that left her fans in stitches.

The Grammy winner opened up about her surprise to find out that her four-month-old son didn’t inherit her forehead after giving birth in the delivery room.

We’ve seen Rih-Rih joke about her distinctive forehead in the past. Back in 2020, she hopped on Instagram and captioned her post, writing, “my forehead and i… living our best lives.”

So, roommates, imagine her surprise when she looked at Riot and realized his forehead didn’t match hers!

“The only thing I imagined was probably the forehead on RZA,” she jokingly said. “I mean. Riot doesn’t have it. I’m like wait, are you sure? You can’t lose this thing!”

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