Mandy Patinkin Wore Ricky Martin Shirt and UGG Boots in Instagram Post

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Cutoff denim shorts and ankle-high UGG boots may not be a traditional holiday fashion staple, but screen legend Mandy Patinkin seems to have ditched the standard seasonal sweater to rock a more avant-garde look this year despite what the latest fads might dictate.

The actor told the world it’s always good to “explore and expand” your fashion taste on Tuesday while lounging in a faded red baseball cap and a Ricky Martin tank top (perhaps it was cut from this similar-looking T-shirt).

Patinkin said on Instagram that he got the outfit inspo from his yoga instructor. In a video shared to the social media site, Patinkin tells his unseen audience he’s “always had” his father’s legs while fiddling with a pair of kitchen tongs and swinging his UGG-enclosed feet.

Patinkin has previously said his father, who died of cancer, was an inspiration to him while filming “The Princess Bride,” in which he played Inigo Montoya, a skilled swordsman seeking vengeance for his father’s death.

“Our favorite yoga instructor and stupendous human being @benjaminflowersyoga was gracious enough to lend me one of his favorite outfits and it felt amazing,” Patinkin wrote in the caption.

Representatives for Patinkin did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

The Broadway legend is known for his work on TV shows like “Criminal Minds” and “Homeland,” as well as the 1983 Barbara Streisand movie “Yentl.”

Patinkin and his wife of 43 years, Kathryn Grody, also run a zany TikTok account where they often post funny videos of themselves interacting with their adult son as he quizzes the couple on pop culture knowledge. (They typically score low marks.)

In an early December video, the couple’s son quizzed his parents on a famous jingle, asking them to finish the well-known Kit-Kat diddy: “Break me off a piece of that…” 

“Cake!” Patinkin and Grody both shouted, incorrectly.

Later, Patinkin suggested “Coachella” was a chocolate spread, mistaking the desert music festival for the more delicious hazelnut spread Nutella.

The actor also occasionally interacts with fans and followers on his TikTok account. He — or his wife— responded to one person who commented on the Tuesday video who remarked that the UGG boots really tied the whole outfit together.

“I think it’s the tongs that make it work,” Patinkin responded, referencing the functional fashion accessory he’s seen playing with in the video.

The video ends with an offscreen observer noting that the day was a day “for all the daddies,” prompting the shared Patinkin/Grody account to leave a separate eyebrow-raising comment on the video.

“What is zaddy?” the account pondered, referencing the slang term for an attractive older man.

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