This Trusty Tool Will Make Dusty Light Fixtures A Thing Of The Past

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Many users have shared how these Swiffer products improved their cleaning routines. For example, @yourtimematterscleaning posted a TikTok video demonstrating how the easy-to-use 6-foot option is super beneficial when dusting and noted that it’s especially convenient for cleaning ceiling fans. The TikToker even captioned the video, “This is so helpful!!!”

Both the 3-foot and 6-foot variations are beloved in online ratings and reviews. The Swiffer Heavy Duty Extendable Handle Dusting Kit has 4.3 out of 5 stars from Home Depot with over 600 reviews and a 74% recommendation rate. In one glowing review, a happy customer wrote, “The extender is great to have for hard to reach places. It extends about 1 arms reach in length and perfect to get the top of my big screen TV and bookshelves… Lightweight, easy to use & foldable. I recommend for any dusting jobs!”

Meanwhile, the Super Extendable Dusting Kit with Heavy Duty Refills is even more popular with 4.4 stars, an 82% recommendation rate, and more than 700 reviews at Home Depot. Pleased reviewers raved, “Buy this product!” and “Enjoy the extension for reaching.” It seems like users can’t get enough of this helpful, reliable dusting tool.

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