Woman reveals the ancient technique she used to build a gorgeous, modern bathroom: ‘I spent only $100’

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DIYs, in general, are a gamble. DIY homes take the concept to a whole new level. Nevertheless, eco-friendly, Earth-loving homes are becoming all the rage these days.

Former rocket scientist and mud-home builder Kristina Turiya (@turiya_natural_living) shared a video of one of her many projects.

The video debuts her self-taught DIY shower made of mud, sand, straw, bamboo, and lime. It’s completely waterproof without any use of plastic, sealant, or cement due to Tadelakt — a lime plaster technique from ancient Morocco that requires stone burnishing.

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“I spent only $100,” Kristina tells her viewers. 

Cob houses are homes constructed using a mixture of clay, sand, and straw. As one of the oldest building materials in the world, this architectural structure technique dates back 10,000 years. 

The Great Wall of China is a prime example of a natural structure built with mud and dirt. While the wall was built over centuries, The Smithsonian reported that the initial construction was “mostly made of rammed earth.” 

Cob homes are known for their durability and natural appearance and are designed to integrate their surrounding environment. They’re fireproof, weatherproof, biodegradable, unique, and financially savvy. In short, they’re a huge breath of fresh air for the environment.

Perhaps the only negative is that Tadelakt is a very uncommon skill nowadays. When a follower asked where to hire these craftsmen, Kristina responded, “You have to look for tadelakt specialists or do it on your own!”

She further said her technique took lots of experimenting and failure. Tadelakt takes patience, trial and error, and meticulous timing, but it is worth it as the results will last a lifetime. 

For those wanting to take the next step, Kristina does consulting and has a YouTube channel dedicated to natural living filled with how-to videos. She also plans on hosting workshops and online courses in 2024.

The overall reaction to Kristina’s shower was amazement, with a hint of jealousy.

“This is fabulous. You’re such an inspiration!” praised one viewer.

Another commented, “FOR 100$! ppl out here charging an arm and leg to renovate a bathroom with that aesthetic.”

“House goals,” said a third. 

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