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Emily Ratajkowski returned to her roots as a music video star! The brunette bombshell, 32, is featured in Travis Scott‘s music video for his song “I KNOW?” that was released Tuesday, January 23. In the video, Emily becomes entangled in a love triangle that involves Travis, 32, and fellow model Anok Yai, 26. Travis is tempted by the thought of Emily throughout the first half of the video, as Emily is shown lounging in a bikini near the pool.

When Anok enters Travis’ life, the rapper experiences flashes of him having sexy time with both women. At one point, Emily has on black lingerie as she gets in bed with Travis and they seemingly have sex. The video then cuts to Travis and Anok naked in bed together — but Travis still can’t stop thinking about Emily. At the end of the video, Travis leaves Emily for Anok and they share a sweet embrace.

While Emily is best known as model today, she actually rose to fame for her appearances in several music videos including Taio Cruz’s “Fast Car” and Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams’ “Blurred Lines,” the latter of which catapulted her to global recognition. In her 2021 book, My Body, Emily claimed that she was “groped” by Robin, 46, on the set of the “Blurred Lines” video in 2013. After a media frenzy ensued over the allegation, Emily did an interview with Extra in October 2021 before her book was officially released and set the record straight about the situation with Robin.

“What’s frustrating is I didn’t come out with it, it was leaked,” Emily said. “It’s been hard for me, I really like to have control over my image and I wrote this book of essays to share the whole story and all sides of it, and I feel like it turns into a clickbait frenzy and all of a sudden words like ‘sexual assault’ and ‘allegations’ are getting thrown around rather than people reading the actual essay… I’m just looking forward to when people will be able hear things in my own words.”

“Everything I talk about is about the evolution of my politics and it’s not some big reveal, it’s not some crazy thing, it’s a part of a larger essay,” the Gone Girl star also said in the interview. “I’m just excited for people to hold nuance and understand that.”

While Emily occasionally pops up in music videos, like her latest gig with Travis, she’s more focused on her successful modeling career these days. In recent years, she’s worked with brands like Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. She’s also busy raising her 2-year-old son Sly, who she shares with her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard.

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