T.I. Says He Never Wanted His Kids To Work In The Industry

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T.I. has expressed why he was initially against his children joining the entertainment industry.

It’s no secret that most of T.I.’s kids are working in entertainment.

T.I. Would’ve Chosen A Different Profession For His Children

His seven-year-old daughter, Heiress, seems to be well on her way to securing a record deal with how she’s been singing her heart out on social media.

His stepdaughter Zonnique has also been part of the industry since 2009, when she joined the girl group OMG Girlz. She’s since embarked on a solo career.

Messiah has left us all impressed with his guitar-playing skills on social media, while Domani is following in his dad’s footsteps of becoming a rapper.

His other daughter, Deyjah, has turned to modeling, and his son, King, is also aspiring to become a rapper… while continuing to stand on business.

However, during a recently published interview with Arian Simone, the ‘Live Your Life’ rapper shared his thoughts on kids’ career choices. He says if he could’ve had it his way, none of his kids would’ve been working in showbiz.

“I never wanted them involved. Not just my daughters — none of my children,” he said.

T.I. openly expressed his feelings, voicing his concern over the “treachery and betrayal” often found in the business.

He firmly believes his kids could have excelled in numerous other fulfilling and impactful professions without undergoing the harsh realities of being in the limelight.

“I just know how much treachery, how much betrayal, how much, you know, how much of the dark side exists in this, and I never wanted to expose them to that,” he explained.

The Rapper Shares His Perspective

T.I. highlights the need for a balanced skill set and expertise across different fields in a world where many teenagers and young adults aspire to work in creative fields.

The ATL native says there’s nothing wrong with being a model, content creator, or rapper.

However, he mentions that professions like doctors and architects hold the potential to create a lasting impact on society.

“I wanted one of my kids to dive into real estate […] I should be able to hand that to them. Also, man, it’s not enough lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, you know what I’m saying. It’s not enough of them in the world coming from our households.”

T.I. also touched upon the lack of diversity in sectors like finance and investment.

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