Breaking Down TikTok’s Latest Interior Design Trend: Bookshelf Wealth

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While books are the hero of bookshelf wealth, they aren’t the only things on display with this interior trend. It calls for anything that holds meaning for you to be treated as art. Sentimentality is the name of the game, here, so artworks done by your kids, or even that pottery project you did years ago, deserve a spot. 

One thing that is common in bookshelf wealth, though, is the way those pieces are shown. When it comes to the books-as-art, there’s no hard-and-fast rule as to how they should be placed. Use a stack of them to create a fun side table, place some vertically, or even set some alongside the other objects you love. If the thought of your books not being ordered fills you with dread, that’s fine. However, if you’d prefer a random mish-mash, that’s perfect, too. 

As for artworks in the more traditional sense, the same laid-back attitude applies. As Kailee Blalock of House of Hive Design Co. explained in her TikTok video documenting bookshelf wealth, “[Art is] hung in front of bookcases, displayed on the floor, literally overlapping each other, definitely not hung in a straight line, and is fully disregarding the bounds of the wall molding.” Again, if you prefer something a little more structured-looking, you can always place artwork on bookshelves, in between books. However you place your pieces, the most important thing is that it speaks to you, personally. 

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