The 6-To-1 Grocery Shopping Method That Promotes Less Waste And More Savings

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Keeping costs down is a win whether you consider grocery shopping purely utilitarian or a fun exercise in culinary brainstorming. Either way, the 6-to-1 method also helps save time and cut down on food waste — a crucial and timely trend shift. In the United States, food waste amounts to roughly 325 pounds per person per year (yikes). Since this system makes the errand less daunting, the 6-to-1 method might even encourage foodies to cook at home more.


My 6 to 1 grocery method makes shopping cheaper and easier! Let me know how you like this grocery shopping method. #6to1method

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The vegetable-forward base encourages healthy eating, which can save money in the long run, too. As Coleman told Good Morning America, “You may be surprised at how cheap veggies are compared to processed items … [and] you’ll be surprised at how fast you eat through it when you’re cooking at home daily.” It’s a quick way to be more explorative with your diet instead of falling on the same comfortable go-to meals week after week. Plus, it’s easy to remember, even amid mind-clouding grocery shopping anxiety (which is a very real thing).

Admittedly, larger families with bigger grocery needs might need to adapt the 6-to-1 method by doubling it to 12-to-2, or go grocery shopping twice per week instead of just once. The method doesn’t account for pantry staples like flour either, or non-food grocery items like dish soap and paper towels. But, the point is to use the 6-to-1 method as the foundation for a successful shopping trip, with alterations where necessary.

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