Lamar Jackson Backs Zay Flowers After Costly Mistakes Vs. Chiefs

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The Baltimore Ravens did themselves no justice during Sunday night’s 17-10 AFC Championship Game loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Yet, while all the blame doesn’t fall on one party, it’s easy to point the finger at prime candidate Zay Flowers. Ravens teammate and quarterback Lamar Jackson, however, did no such thing and stuck up for Flowers after Kansas City ended Baltimore’s season, and chances at Super Bowl LVIII.

“We gonna get it back next time, we not worried about that,” Jackson told reporters, per team-provided video. “You know, we all make mistakes. This is his first season. It’s my first time in this situation, it’s his first time in this situation. We gonna bounce back. Nobody plays the game perfect.”

Flowers underwent a nightmarish — and costly — sequence in the second half.

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First, the 23-year-old rookie got flagged for a taunting penalty after a 54-yard reception while trailing the Chiefs, 17-7, in the third quarter. That was just the start of what led Baltimore to its end.

With a redemption shot in the fourth quarter, Flowers fumbled in the end zone, derailing Baltimore’s rally and shot at cutting Kansas City’s lead down to 17-14. When returning to the bench, Flowers failed to contain his emotions and cut his left hand while slamming his helmet in frustration.

Unfazed by the self-inflicted injury, Flowers remained active for Baltimore’s desperate bid at catching up to the Chiefs. But that determination wasn’t enough to overtake the ever-growing error pile that made Kansas City’s trot to victory much easier.

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By that time, it was far too late.

“We was facing adversity all season,” Jackson added. “Nobody thought we was going to be in this position. New system, new guys, whole new team. We got some vets that came onto our team. People didn’t think we was gonna be in this position, but we was. We just gotta finish next time, man.”

Flowers finished totaling 115 yards off five receptions with one touchdown — Baltimore’s only sign of offensive life.

The Ravens have a long road ahead before “next time” arrives, now sent straight into offseason mode while Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs head to a fourth Super Bowl appearance in the last five seasons.

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