Why Bill Belichick Reportedly Isn’t Favorite To Be Falcons Coach

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When Bill Belichick parted ways with the New England Patriots, it seemed like a certainty other teams would flock to sign him. But the Atlanta Falcons are the only team that appears to be a serious option.

The Dallas Cowboys took themselves out when they retained Mike McCarthy and the Los Angeles Chargers were heavily linked to Belichick, but they hired Jim Harbaugh.

Atlanta met with Belichick twice, and Arthur Blank had a separate meeting with the former Patriots head coach while also letting him fly on one of the team’s private jets. However, the Falcons still are interviewing or have scheduled interviews with other candidates, including Mike Vrabel and Houston Texans offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter appeared on “Get Up” on Thursday and noted that the hiring cycle can go in different directions. He revealed he was told by someone within the Falcons organization that their search was “wide open.” Schefter concluded that based on the Falcons’ actions, Belichick “isn’t the favorite” to sign with Atlanta. Schefter admitted there was a “real possibility” Belichick might not land one of the vacant head coaching jobs.

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Patriots legend Devin McCourty admitted he was “shocked” Belichick remained unsigned, and he wouldn’t be the only one. Schefter noted that when Tom Brady left the Patriots in 2020, only two teams expressed real interest in signing him. And when teams had the opportunity to sign Lamar Jackson last offseason, they chose not to.

“Sometimes, teams get in the way of themselves and don’t make rational decisions,” Schefter told Mike Greenberg.

Brady won the Super Bowl in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jackson took the Baltimore Ravens to the AFC Championship Game this season.

It’s not clear why teams are hesitant to sign Belichick, but they could be wary of giving him full control or could fear the inclusion of staff members like Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia.

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Greenberg joked Belichick might be joining him on the “Get Up” desk, and that could be the case if he doesn’t land a new job.

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