TikTok Shares DIY Banquette Seating Options To Add Style To Any Space

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Assembling the banquette is as simple as screwing the individual frames together and bolting them to the ledger board. Granted, as suggested by TikToker @dawson.diy, if you’re planning on using the space beneath the banquette as storage, that doesn’t apply to the top of the banquette — keep that loose. As for the other components, like the trim, that’s where the fun comes in. 

The kind of trim you’ll use for your banquette all comes down to your personal style. In the video, @dawson.diy used trim boards to add extra dimension that looked a little more traditional but matched perfectly with the existing baseboards, then painted it all one color for a cohesive look. Into something a little more moody? Instead of painting the banquette, opt for a dark wood stain (available on Amazon for less than $9 for half a pint). 

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of a more coastal look, you could always follow TikTok user @cozy.happy.home’s lead and forego the trim in favor of glued-on fluted casing, also available on Amazon for $3.31, though the overall price will depend on how big your project is. Whatever you end up deciding on for the finish, top it off with cushions, and you’re good to go! Super keen on a banquette, but renting? You can always create something similar using IKEA Kallax cabinets. A good banquette is always a fun feature to have, whether you’re building one from scratch or not. 

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