Former Patriots Star ‘Happy’ This Team Didn’t Hire Bill Belichick

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There was a chance, albeit small, that Asante Samuel’s worst nightmare was going to come true this offseason.

Samuel, a former Patriots cornerback, makes his anti-Belichick stance abundantly clear at every turn. And when the legendary coach left New England, one of the teams with an appealing job opening was the Chargers, who roster Samuel’s son. But Belichick seemingly never was in the mix in Los Angeles, where Jim Harbaugh now is the head coach.

The four-time Pro Bowl selection unsurprisingly expressed great relief when the Bolts didn’t hire his former coach.

“I did not want that to happen. Thank you, dear Lord, that did not happen,” Samuel said on his “Say What Needs To Be Said” show, as transcribed by Sports Illustrated. “There would’ve been issues. He would’ve had situations he would’ve had to overcome. He would’ve had to start from the ground up.”

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Samuel added: “Some of those things I don’t think he would’ve understood how to deal with. You know, moving them around, putting the third string in, and playing these mind games. I don’t want my son to have to deal with that, so I’m happy that coach Belichick didn’t get to be the head coach (of) the LA Chargers.”

In a somewhat unexpected twist, there is a good chance Belichick won’t land a coaching job anywhere this offseason and will have to wait until 2025 for his next opportunity. If that comes to pass, you can be sure Samuel will take a victory lap.

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