TikTok’s Campbell Hunt Puckett ‘Pookie’ Apologizes for Past Images

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Campbell Hunt Puckett.
Courtesy of Campbell Hunt Puckett/Instagram

TikTok star Campbell Hunt Puckett, better known as “Pookie,” released an apology after offensive images from her past resurfaced on the internet.

“As some of you may have seen, some old photos of mine recently resurfaced,” Campbell wrote via Instagram Story on Wednesday, January 31. “At the time these photos were taken, I was 20. I didn’t fully understand the impact of my actions the way I do now, 12 years later. I fully apologize for the harm this may have caused for some and take full responsibility.”

The newly-minted content creator added that she and her husband, Jett Puckett, who appears in her viral videos, “love sharing our lives with you all and getting to know our community on such an intimate level.”

“Because we live our lives so publicly, everything is on the internet, even my mistakes,” she wrote. “We hope to continue to bring you with us on our journey as we continue to learn and grow.”

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The statement comes days after photos of Campbell at what appears to be an Antebellum plantation-themed party at the University of Mississippi were released via TikTok and Reddit showing. In one picture, Campbell wore a lacy pink-and-white ball gown. In other snaps, Jett and Campbell dressed up as former President Donald Trump and Melania, respectively.

The Georgia-based couple rose to TikTok stardom earlier this month when they went viral for their outfit-of-the-day videos and his nickname “Pookie” for his spouse. One such post garnering over six million views.

TikTok Star Campbell Hunt Puckett ‘Pookie’ Apologizes for Resurfaced Images: ‘I Fully Apologize’
Courtesy of Campbell Hunt Puckett/Instagram

“Friday night date night,” Campbell began in the TikTok as she stepped back from the camera to unveil her all-black outfit including a lace top and cardigan as well as jeans and heels.

While Jett explained he was taking Pookie to a “new spot” with three other couples, he noted, “Pookie looks absolutely amazing. Good lord babe, I love the all-black.”

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The clip and its corresponding audio have taken off on the app, with content creators and celebrities alike trying their hand at the trend. She has amassed over 287,000 followers to date.

In a similar TikTok, the couple revealed their outfits before heading off to a steakhouse for dinner. “I have to say, Pookie looks absolutely fire tonight,” Jett said in the clip.

The pair met in 2015 when Jett was a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania and she was a flight attendant for American Airlines. They got engaged less than one year after their first date and exchanged vows in 2018.

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