Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips’ Ups and Downs Over the Years

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Billy Baldwin and Chynna Phillips have experienced a few bumps in their relationship over the years.

The actor and the Wilson Phillips singer met in 1991 before boarding a flight to New York. Phillips recalled in 2021 that Baldwin asked her out when they arrived at baggage claim. They tied the knot four years later. Baldwin and Phillips went on to expand their family with their three children: Jameson, Vance and Brooke, who arrived in 2000, 2001 and 2004, respectively.

While the early years of their marriage were seemingly joyful, the couple experienced their first rough patch in 2010 when Phillips filed for divorce. Days later, she withdrew the paperwork and decided to give her marriage another chance.

More than a decade later, Phillips revealed that she and Baldwin endured a lengthier separation at one point in their relationship.

“When Billy and I separated for six months and he was out of the house, I was holding on to anger and resentment because I felt it made me justified,” the musician said in a January 2024 YouTube livestream. “It made me feel like I was right, he was wrong, and it gave me this justification, this feeling of righteousness, this pride.”

Keep scrolling to see Baldwin and Phillips’ ups and downs over the years:

Billy Baldwin and Wife Chynna Phillips Ups and Downs Over the Years
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Baldwin and Phillips wed four years after their airport meet-cute.


The pair became parents for the first time when they welcomed daughter Jameson.


Phillips and Baldwin expanded their family with son Vance.


The twosome completed their family with daughter Brooke.


After nearly two decades of marriage, Phillips filed for divorce from Baldwin. The Grammy nominee withdrew the papers a few days later, and the couple subsequently reconciled.

“I started to feel a little flatlined, like I need more and want more, and I know we deserve more from our marriage,” Phillips exclusively told Us Weekly about why she decided to file. “It became so about the children and so about my business, his business, and I missed him. I really missed him. I missed laughing together, taking our little vacations together.”

Phillips explained that she reached a point where she felt “hopeless” that things between her and Baldwin would ever change. The pair decided to work on their relationship, however, and Phillips credited “working in therapy together” and making more time to communicate with helping them resolve their issues.

Billy Baldwin and Wife Chynna Phillips Ups and Downs Over the Years
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September 2023

Ahead of their 28th wedding anniversary, the pair shared that they were struggling to connect after their kids moved out of the house.

“Billy and I are having serious empty nest syndrome and we are hitting walls when it comes to finding joint interests! It’s a scary reality that we both feel uncomfortable admitting,” Phillips said in a YouTube video. “We’re trying to remain hopeful that we can have a meeting of minds and find activities that we both find stimulating.”

January 2024

Phillips confessed that she believes her interest in religion has led to a “power struggle” between her and Baldwin.

“I’ve been with Billy for 32 years, and we have an awesome marriage, but we definitely had the hardest couple years of our lives,” Phillips said in a YouTube livestream. “I think it’s because I just took the deep dive into Jesus, and I think he didn’t quite know what to do with that.”

She also shared that embracing her faith has made her a different person than she was when the duo first met.

“I’m not the same person I was 30 years ago, and I refused to have the same marriage that we had 30 years ago,” Phillips explained. “It’s time for us to mature and grow. He was on board, but I think that for him it was also like, ‘Well, you’re not into the things that I’m into.’”

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