Mother Claims Unfair Firing After Battling Blizzard To Get To Work

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A mother from Arkansas was recently fired from her new job after showing up an hour late to work.

Damita JoMama argues in her viral TikTok video that she was simply stuck in a blizzard, which caused her lateness.

A Late Mother And An Unsympathetic Boss

While she didn’t disclose the firm she worked for, JoMama said she had just started working at a “popular ambulance company.”

The promise of better pay, improved benefits, and flexible hours made it an offer too good to resist.

On top of that, JoMama had a child to think about and needed the extra income.

An unexpected winter storm hit the state, resulting in three inches of snow and causing heavy congestion that blocked the roads.

JoMama, still determined to make it to work, eventually reached her destination, only to discover that she had been fired.


I’m still in shock but best believe HR is getting an email from me. #firedonmyfirstday #storytime #snowday #greenscreen

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“I have never had to drive in snow before because every job I’ve had previous to this I’ve always been off when it snow,” she expressed in her TikTok.

Arkansas is not known for its snowy winters either.

So, when it does snow, the state isn’t exactly prepared for the aftermath. Snow plows and road salting processes on this day, in particular, appeared to be lacking, causing JoMama to be stuck in quite the street chaos.

And while she remained positive, thinking she’d be excused for her lateness given the circumstances, her boss didn’t want to hear any of it.

“Long story short, I get there almost an hour late, but I’m thinking, ‘Okay, I’m going to be apologetic.’ She’s basically saying, ‘we can get here, why couldn’t you get here?’”

JoMama explained in her video that she had always been fortunate enough to have previous jobs that allowed her to stay home when it snowed.

So, understandably, she was taken aback by her boss’ reaction. But little did she know she was about to learn that her short-lived employment at the company had been terminated.

Unexpected Treatment And Unwanted Excuses

JoMama recounted her response to her boss when asked how they could be on time, but she couldn’t.

“That’s fine and dandy, but, baby, I’m not used to driving in snow,” she told her boss. “I got here as quick as I could. I risked my doggone life getting here for this job.”

JoMama was then informed that she had already missed the necessary training for the day, which made matters worse.

Her new employer claimed that it was not possible to go back over the information she had missed. Without giving her a second chance to prove herself, she was promptly escorted out of the building.

“I did not expect to be talked to like a f**king child, basically called a liar and her rude-a** attitude,” she continued. “And I didn’t expect to be fired without being given a second chance to prove that this was a fluke, that this was just a one-off.”

Fortunately for JoMama, she says she already had another job to fall back on.

But the experience of being fired after being stuck in snow will certainly be an experience the mother won’t forget anytime soon.

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