Is Tucker Carlson in Moscow for Putin? The pro-Kremlin crowd hopes so – POLITICO

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Although there has been no official confirmation, pro-Kremlin pundits and military bloggers have relished the news as a sign the former Fox News host is going to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

“Without exaggerating, it is safe to say that we are in for an epochal event,” the Bezgranichny Analitik Telegram channel wrote. It added that, if it comes about, it would be Putin’s first sit-down interview with a Western journalist since his “special military operation” against Ukraine was launched almost two years ago. “And be assured, this time Putin will be heard by many in the West,” said the post, widely shared by pro-Kremlin bloggers.

Another channel belonging to the RIA state news agency wrote that in past interviews with American journalists, Putin had to defend himself against various “accusations.” 

“Maybe he’ll be more lucky with Tucker Carlson — it is said the TV host, who openly sympathizes with Russia, has come here in the hope of talking to Putin,” the post said.

In September, Carlson told Die Weltwoche that he had “tried to interview Vladimir Putin, but the U.S. government stopped me.”

“Well, you’re not allowed to hear Putin’s voice, ‘coz why?” Carlson complained.

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