‘Enjoy the fruits of your labor’

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One TikTok content creator recently provided his followers with a gardening method that tackles two problems at once: reusing plastic containers and finding vessels in which to grow all your plants.

The scoop

“Instead of crying over spilt milk, I like to collect these milk bottles and milk [them] by growing fruits and vegetables in them,” Self Sufficient Me (@selfsufficientme) informed his 209,000 followers.


how to reuse milk bottles to grow your own food

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He demonstrated how he cuts out the top of the milk bottle but keeps the handle, then drills a hole in the bottom for water to escape through, fills the bottle with soil and potting mix, sows seeds, and waits for the magic to happen.

The end result of the video is some tasty-looking strawberries. “Once done … enjoy the fruits of your labor,” the content creator jokes.

How it’s helping

Growing your fruits and vegetables is a great way to save money, eat healthier, get outdoors, interact with nature, and reduce your personal pollution footprint. 

The transportation of produce accounts for over 1 billion tons of planet-overheating pollution per year, according to one study. It also produces an enormous amount of plastic waste in the form of packaging.

Growing your own produce, on the other hand, allows you to get fresh, chemical-free fruits and vegetables without contributing to either of those problems — and it can save you money at the same time, if you plan well.

In addition, studies have found that people who garden are, on average, happier and more optimistic than those who don’t. One study conducted in Singapore found that participating in community gardens has “mental health benefits in urban environments, specifically in terms of subjective well-being and resilience.” 

You don’t need a lot of land or space to grow your own food, as this milk container hack shows.

Self Sufficient Me also pointed out that after you are done with the milk containers turned plant pots, they can still be recycled. “Simply rinse them out and put them in the recycling bin,” he said. 

What everybody’s saying

TikTok commenters were excited to try the method for themselves.

“Great tip I did this for my tomato plants last year,” one commenter wrote.

“Great idea,” wrote another.

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