Jenn Todryk’s Advice On How To Start Every Renovation

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If your current home has a bunch of features you dislike, it can be tempting to remove them altogether. However, Jenn Todryk’s take is that leaning into those elements could actually do more good for the space. For starters, it’ll tap into the home’s unique character (and it doesn’t hurt that it saves money, too!). 

Instead of ripping anything out, Todryk told Dallas Morning News, “I try to find the things that need to stay first, and then we amplify it and make it pretty.” One major feature that’s best left in the home is the fireplace. However, that’s not to say you have to leave yours looking outdated. There are ways of modernizing them. As seen in a past episode of “No Demo Reno,” Todryk has previously used a glaze (of one part acrylic paint to two parts water) to spruce up a stone fireplace. She’s also given heaps of tips on how to turn the mantel into more of a feature.

As for walls, which can also make a space feel a little old-fashioned, Todryk has previously taken to Instagram to urge potential renovators to think twice before bringing those down, too. As she wrote in the post’s caption, “Walls aren’t bad and separated smaller rooms can be super homey and cozy. Leave the walls alone, people.” If the closed-off rooms are feeling a little stuffy, in her conversation with Dallas Morning News, Todryk suggested using light-colored paint to combat that. 

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