Patriots Give Inside Look At Scouting Operation For 2024 NFL Draft

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It’s been quite the informative week for New England Patriots fans, who’ve received a closer look to the inner workings of the franchise than perhaps ever before.

That’s life without Bill Belichick, we suppose.

Eliot Wolf’s title hasn’t changed from director of scouting, but he was the subject of a Wednesday report detailing that he “appears to be in charge” of the Patriots personnel department. That much was obvious to anyone paying attention, as a number of his former colleagues were all hired to help fill out the front office and coaching staffs. It was enough to leave many of us wondering about how his rise in the ranks affected the other holdovers from Belichick’s tenure, however.

It hasn’t, at least not in terms of job titles.

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The Patriots released some interesting information in a YouTube video posted from the Senior Bowl. It contained the job titles of nine members of the organization who were in attendance.

Patriots director of player personnel Matt Groh has retained his title, as has college scouting director Camren Williams. Patrick Stewart, who re-joined the front office prior to last season, never had his title revealed until the video, which has him listed as senior personnel advisor.

New England also revealed the names of two national scouts: Tony Kinkela and Matt Evans, as well as four area scouts: J.T. Hill, Justin Hickman, Taylor Redd and Josh Hinch. Maya Ana Callender was revealed as a scouting assistant in a feature.

If you’d like to infer about how these titles relate to the front office additions New England made throughout the early portion of the offseason, it appears as though Groh and Williams are heading up the scouting process for the 2024 NFL Draft. That would mean they’d handle the bulk of that weekend, with Wolf, executive Alonzo Highsmith and director of pro personnel Steve Cargile handling free agency duties. The decision on how to approach the No. 3 pick will obviously be a collaborative process, with a number of executives and coaches giving their input.

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The Patriots haven’t made any responsibilities official to the public, but we now have an idea of how the majority of New England’s front office operates.

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