Putin Repeats Russian Claim That Boris Johnson Torpedoed Ukraine Peace Deal – State of the Union

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Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed in an interview with Tucker Carlson that former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson instructed Ukraine to abandon a peace deal during the early days of the war, a claim Ukraine has denied.

Putin expressed Russia’s readiness for negotiations but also linked talks to the suspension of U.S. weapons deliveries to Ukraine.

“If you really want to stop fighting, you need to stop supplying weapons. It will be over within a few weeks. That’s it. And then we can agree on some terms,” Putin said.

He alleged that British interference scuttled a potential peace agreement and expressed a desire to revisit the deal.

However, Ukraine’s perspective differs, with a Ukrainian official stating that Russia’s demands for neutrality and NATO non-membership were unacceptable.

Boris Johnson dismissed Putin’s claims as “nonsense and Russian propaganda.”

Putin emphasized the need for the U.S. to stop arming Ukraine before talks could begin and asserted Russia’s strength in the conflict.

The interview has sparked controversy, with some criticizing Tucker Carlson for engaging with Putin, while others have discussed potential sanctions against Carlson.

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