Give Your Household Tools A Much Needed Clean With These Baking Essentials

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You may have come across long lists of harsh and expensive cleaning products when researching how to clean and disinfect your tools in the past. Thankfully, tools can be cleaned just as thoroughly without specialized cleaning agents. To clean grime and rust off of hand tools, try using this simple vinegar-and-salt solution.

First, grab a container into which all of your hand tools will fit. Place the tools inside. Next, fill the container with vinegar. Make sure to pour enough to cover your tools completely. Pour ¼ cup of salt into the container for every liter of vinegar you use. Make sure to pour the salt evenly across the container.

Allow your tools to soak until the rust and grime break down to reveal shiny, clean tools. This can take up to three days, so plan accordingly. You may check the container to monitor progress and determine when your tools are ready for the next step. After most of the residue has been broken down, scrape off any remaining loosened residue with a metal brush or steel wool. Finally, wash the vinegar solution away and dry the tools thoroughly to prevent rust. You may use WD-40 on any tools with moving parts and apply a protective oil to prevent rust as well.

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