Go Against Your Instincts And Start Burning That Broccoli

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Despite that we’re urging you to burn broccoli, the goal isn’t to completely blacken the vegetable. Ideally, there should only be a few blistered bits that decorate an otherwise bright green steak, stalk, or floret. Overdo it and you risk a very dry, very acrid, and very ugly-looking final product. That said, to avoid ruining your vegetables, there are several rules to abide by.

Whether you decide to grill or char broccoli in a skillet is up to you. You could even take a mini torch to them, or stick a tray of broccoli under the broiler. The important thing to remember is that while a sturdy vegetable like broccoli may need longer to blacken in comparison to something like a tender tomato, that doesn’t mean it requires an abundance of time to get there. Burning broccoli should still take mere minutes, no matter the means of preparation.

To ensure the absolute best-burnt broccoli, it’s also wise not to move them around too much. After all, broccoli can only develop a char if it remains in direct contact with the heat source. Likewise, we suggest refraining from tossing the stalks with any oil or butter, before charring. It’ll just act as a buffer that can impede proper burning, which is why it’s best to season greens post-burn. 

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