How To DIY An Affordable Putting Green For Showstopping Backyard Entertainment

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Before you start building your DIY putting green, you’ll need to locate a fairly level area that’s a minimum size of around 40 to 50 square feet within your lawn. Once you’ve found the best spot for your green, it’s time to prepare the area. Start by removing all the grass, weeds, and other vegetation. Once you have access to the soil, use a hoe or rake to level the ground as much as possible.

Once the ground is levelled, arrange your paver stones around the perimeter of your putting green. Cover the area with weed barrier fabric, using the stones to anchor the edges. Next, cover the weed fabric with a level layer of gravel or river stones to provide drainage. Over your gravel, spread a layer of paver sand. Walk around on the sand to compact it and then smooth its surface as much as possible.

When the sand appears smooth, it’s time to add your artificial grass turf. Use a utility knife to cut away any corners or other excess turf. Then, secure the edges of the turf using garden stakes. Once the turf is secured into place, cut out two or more holes with your utility knife and dig out enough of the underlying matter to push the golf hole cups into the ground. Lastly, sprinkle a thin layer of play sand over the green to prevent slipping. Work the sand into the turf using a push broom. 

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