The 3 Distinct Italian Foods That All Share The Name Stracciatella

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Last but certainly not least is the gelato version of stracciatella. The newest addition to the lineup, the ice cream flavor is linked to a restaurant in Bergamo called La Marianna. As the legend has it, in 1961, the owner Enrico Panattoni grew tired of making the ever-popular menu item stracciatella soup. As a result, he decided to invent a new variant of stracciatella that would share its same shredded appearance, just in a sweeter (and much colder) form. Spoiler, his pursuit proved very successful!

A flavor that can now be found at many gelaterias, stracciatella isn’t complex but it is delicious. After all, what’s not to like about vanilla ice cream that’s decorated with shards of chocolate? The thing that made Panattoni’s chocolate-speckled flavor so unique and so stracciatella-esque was the way in which the chocolate was added. Rather than simply mixing in pieces of cocoa, it was first warmed and then poured into vats of very soft and cold cream. With the contrast of temperatures, the chocolate froze instantly, creating a rippled effect that recalled — you guessed it — the cooked egg in stracciatella that was symbolic of little rags. The rest, as they say, is history.

A sweet ending to the stracciatella tales, gelato is pretty hard to contend with when compared to its savory stracciatella comrades. But, we wouldn’t refuse stracciatella in any of its forms. Despite their differences, these 3 versions are each delicious in their own right!

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