The Cut Of Beef You Should Be Using For Country-Style Ribs

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The name of country-style ribs is a misnomer. With their sourcing from the front shoulder region of the cow, country-style ribs don’t overlap with classic bone-in cuts like a short rib. Instead, they simply share the name due to their visual resemblance, as well as flavor.

To highlight the best of the cut, an aromatic baste is key, and what better choice than a BBQ sauce? Prepare the beef with the seasoning in an oven, instant pot, or pressure cooker to tenderize during the first go around. Beforehand, give the ribs a quick sear. And to finish, it’s all about caramelizing the exterior. Either activate the broiler to increase the direct heat or throw the cuts on the grill to get that perfect crust.

Serve alongside comforting favorites like mashed potatoes, rolls, and other sides to soak up the sauce. And best of all, the meat tastes delicious when reheated, so feel free to craft a large batch at once.

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