Tips You Need To Make An Outstanding Keto-Friendly Cup Of Coffee

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Since coffee is the foundation of this drink, it goes without saying you’ll want to start with a quality brew. If you already have a favorite bean, great! If not, there are some things you’ll want to consider when choosing your coffee.

As a general rule, whole-bean coffee is always a better option than ground as it retains more flavor and tends to last longer. Make sure the beans you choose are blemish-free and not cracked, and watch out for coffee that’s too oily (a sign the beans have been over-roasted). The best coffees are typically found at local coffee shops and roasters, but you can find a variety of coffee brands at your local grocer, as well.

The traditional recipe for butter coffee calls for a plain, 8-ounce cup of joe — but exactly how you prepare it doesn’t really matter. Whether you prefer a traditional coffee maker, a Keurig, a pour-over, or French press, just make sure you prepare the coffee according to the directions with the correct water-to-coffee ratio. Plus, if you love a good shot of espresso (who doesn’t?), you’re in luck: butter coffee also tastes fantastic when made with espresso. You can either keep the same ratio of ingredients for an extra creamy beverage or cut down on the butter and oil to taste.

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