6 Tips For Satisfying Vegan & Gluten-Free Soup From Seattle’s Caroline Wright

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In her book, Wright writes, “Water is abundant in your kitchen and requires no prep; it allows vegetables to speak for themselves’ it is an actual source of life. Stock is none of these things.”

During our interview, she made abundantly clear how anti-stock-making she is. During her first soup-based cookbook, “Soup Club,” based on her experience making soup for others, Wright quickly realized the amount of extra work and washing up that came from making your own stock before making the soup itself. “I was like, ‘This is stupid. Why am I making soup in order to make soup? That just doesn’t make sense.'”

Not only was it extra work, but Wright also felt it masked the flavors of the vegetables she was working so hard to create. Instead, she did away with the stock or broth-making process altogether, creating water-based soup recipes that simultaneously made the bulk of the soup and its broth. She notes in the book, under her list of soup-based “commandments,” that “stock deserves to be made: after making soup from the vegetable trimmings maybe, but not before. Life is too short.” Some recipes, like the tomato basil, begin by making a puree to add water to, but never a separate stock itself.

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