Household Items You Should Be Cleaning With Your Hose

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If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your window screens, or you know for a fact that you’ve never done it, consider this a friendly reminder! We rely on screens to bring fresh air into our homes while simultaneously keeping bugs and curious critters out. However, if too much gunk, like pollen, bird poop, dirt, and other debris, builds up on the screens, it can begin to affect your indoor air quality. Because they’re large and cumbersome, washing them can be a challenging task. And, that’s why using your hose is the perfect solution.

To remove your screen, fully raise the lower sash and look for tabs or clips towards the bottom. Next, slide them to release the screen from the frame and raise it slightly. After this, you should be able to push it out, turn it on its side, and fully remove it from the window. 

Lay the screens in the grass or your driveway. Rinse with the garden hose, and then wipe down with a mixture of three parts water to one part vinegar. Then use a soft brush to scrub both sides of the screen. After a final rinse, wipe dry with a clean cloth and allow to air dry before reinstalling. 

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