Homeowner scrambles to rescue garden after neighbor’s destruction: ‘They had no business’

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One woman took to social media after she experienced an all too common situation: a nightmare neighbor

In a post from 2022, TikToker Gaby in the World (@gabyintheworld) shared how her neighbor “ripped out a cute rock and succulent garden that had been next to the house for many years.”

“I am prepping the area, making sure that all weeds and dandelions are out. That any remaining succulents or rocks left are taken care of,” she says after explaining that she would be redoing the landscaping rather than leaving the area bare.  

“They had no business doing it and were just being careless,” she adds. 

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Other TikTokers were outraged on the original poster’s behalf.

“WTH neighbor!” one person wrote.

Perhaps the only silver lining to the situation was the opportunity to add more pollinator-friendly species, which the OP said she’d be doing as part of the makeover. 

Most of the world’s food crops need pollinators to grow, but the use of chemical herbicides and invasive species are among the factors that have contributed to their decline. 

While it is unclear if the succulents in the clip are native to the OP’s region, the National Wildlife Federation has a native plant-finding tool for people considering adding drought-tolerant plants to rewilded yards, which are also low-maintenance.  

In several follow-up TikToks, Gaby shares that the neighbor was selling their father’s house and that there was some confusion over who was responsible for the succulent garden. 

“They hired a landscaper to fix up the area. Well, this landscaper went beyond what he was asked to do,” she said, noting that she later discovered that “this entire land is mine.” 

However, while it appears some level of miscommunication happened, she notes that her neighbor wouldn’t pass along the name of the landscaper for her to contact. 

Regardless of the reasoning, most commenters following the updates still seemed to agree that there were better ways to handle things.

“Why why why would they do that to your garden?” one person asked

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