104 People Killed Attempting To Access Food Trucks In Gaza

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Israeli forces reportedly opened fire killing more than 100 civilians and injured hundreds more as they attempted to access food aid trucks in northern Gaza.

The famished Palestinians quickly gathered around aid trucks that arrived in western Gaza City to receive food when they were met with gunfire from Israeli forces, CNN reports.

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One eye witness stated the food trucks sped off to escape the barrage of bullets, accidentally killing Palestinian civilians. Drone footage taken by the IDF shows thousands waiting for food on Haroun Al Rasheed Street Gaza City and fleeing after Israeli forces opened fire.

Palestine officials report at least 104 citizens were killed and over 700 were injured. Ahmad Abu Al Foul, the Palestinian Red Crescent, expects this number to grow as bodies remain on the street. Ambulances are having a difficult time reaching the deceased due to rubble obstructing the roadway. This is reportedly one of the deadliest incidents since the onset of the Israel-Hamas war.

The Israel Defense Forces Disputes Details About The Incident

According to CNN, Despite eye witnesses and Palestine officials releasing detailed accounts, the Israeli military is telling a different story.

Israel admitted its troops opened fire on the crowd but only after civilians “threatened them.” Officials claim Gaza residents swarmed aid trucks before they began looting supplies.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) told CNN, “During the incident, dozens of Gazans were injured as a result of pushing and trampling.”

Khadeer Al Za’anoun, a local journalist, witnessed the large crowd gathering around a group of trucks carrying aid for residents on Friday. Although he says they were not to blame for the confusion and chaos that occurred in the Sheikh Ajleen neighborhood.

Israel Officials Say Two Deadly Events Transpired

The military also claimed there were two incidents involving food aid trucks. One involved aid vehicles that traveled to the north. The vehicles were surrounded, which subsequently ended with civilians being run over. In a separate incident, a crowd of Gazan residents approached Israeli troops who opened fire.

“The truckloads went into the north, then there was the stampede, and then afterwards, there was the event against our forces. That’s how things transpired this morning,” the spokesman stated.

IDF spokesperson, Daniel Hargari, said the aid convoy was not targeted. “I want to repeat that. No IDF strike was conducted towards the aid convoy. On the contrary the IDF was there conducting a humanitarian operation,” he contended.

A spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces, Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, stated the trucks were private vehicles and it was not clear who the sender or senders of the aid were. Many Palestinians are on the brink of starvation as aid deliveries have slowed since Israeli troops hit the ground in Gaza City.

President Joe Biden stated he is looking into the violent incident, although it may affect hostage negotiations and peace talks, CNN reports.

According to United Nations agencies, the death toll in Gaza now reportedly surpasses 30,000. Over 500,000 civilians are on the edge of famine.

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