Biden Admin Used Parole Loophole to Free Laken Riley Murder Suspect – State of the Union

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An illegal alien from Venezuela, Jose Antonio Ibarra, has been charged with kidnapping and murdering 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley near the University of Georgia campus in Athens.

ICE officials confirmed Ibarra entered the US-Mexico border in September 2022 near El Paso and was released into the country under Biden’s parole policies rather than being detained.

This “catch and release” policy sees thousands released daily.

Ibarra was later arrested in New York for injuring a child but freed under sanctuary laws before ICE could take custody.

Ibarra’s brother Diego also crossed illegally and lived in Athens, using a fake green card for work.

Both brothers avoided prosecution after assaulting border agents.

Diego was later arrested in Athens for drunk driving and other offenses.

On the day of her murder, Riley went for a morning jog and her body was found hours later with injuries.

Antonio Ibarra remains jailed on multiple charges in Riley’s kidnapping and murder while highlighting the consequences of loose border and sanctuary policies.

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