Ex-Patriots Executive Admits NFL Worse Off Without Bill Belichick

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Houston Texans general manager and former New England Patriots executive Nick Caserio believes there will be a different feel to the NFL this season.

And that’s because coaching giant Bill Belichick won’t be roaming the sidelines for a 50th consecutive year.

Belichick failed to get a job on the open market this offseason after parting ways with the Patriots following a 4-13 campaign. Caserio, who spent 20 seasons with the Patriots including serving as director of player personnel for 13 years, views the absence of Belichick as a big loss for the NFL.

“I’d say the league is always better when people like Bill Belichick are around,” Caserio told reporters Wednesday from the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, per team-provided video. “… Coach Belichick is the best coach in the history of not only football but sports, in my opinion. He’s a big reason that I’m where I am today, so I have a lot of respect and appreciation, admiration for him.”

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Caserio added: “I’m sure he’ll figure out whatever he’s going to do here in the spring and we’re all going to benefit from it.”

It surely has to be an adjustment for the Patriots to operate this offseason without Belichick in the picture for the first time in more than two decades. Belichick wore many hats, and now his far-reaching responsibilities fall on those who have way less experience than the legendary coach.

But Caserio, who holds de facto general manager Eliot Wolf in high regard, thinks the Patriots will just adapt as they move into a new era.

“There’s a number of folks in New England that they have in place that they feel comfortable with. They have a lot of talented people,” Caserio said. “So, they’re probably going through a process of trying to figure things out. I think all of us, that’s what we do each year. You just sort of try to figure things out. Certainly wish them nothing but the best. I’m appreciative of my 20 years, 20 seasons that I had in New England.”

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