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Doing laundry may be America’s least favorite chore, but a simple laundry routine change that helps lower your electric bill could make it more enjoyable. 

TikToker Pennies_To_Dollars (@pennies_to_dollars) shares how changing the time you wash clothes can make laundry day much less expensive. 

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The scoop

Many people wait until the weekend or after work to do laundry, but that laundry schedule can make your electric bill higher since the demand for energy goes up during these times. The OP says this also applies to using your dishwasher.

Washing your clothes and doing other chores that require a lot of energy during off-peak hours can slash your electric bill, especially during the summer when prices soar amid sweltering temperatures.

“Our electric company has peak hours and they charge us more per kilowatt to use electricity during those hours, so I wash my clothes before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m. to save on our electric bill,” she says in the clip. 

In the comments section, she advised calling your electric company or checking its website for your area’s peak hours.

How it’s helping

With electricity prices expected to keep rising this year, according to Solar.com, it’s nice to save anywhere you can. This laundry hack can help you save more money for things you enjoy rather than just bills. 

It also benefits the planet since over 60% of global electricity generation still comes from planet-warming dirty energy sources like gas, coal, and oil, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration

However, less pollution is produced if you wash clothes during low-demand periods when power plants operate at a reduced capacity.

Other easy ways to reduce your electric bill and pollution footprint include installing energy-efficient appliances like heat pumps or induction stoves, unplugging energy vampires, and switching to LED lightbulbs.

Buying an eco-friendly washer and dryer certified by Energy Star can also make a big dent in your power bill. 

What everyone’s saying

Viewers appreciated the laundry hack and shared another money-saving tip. 

“I had no idea about this; I do prefer to clean at night,” one person said.

“Found out [about] peak hours on tik tok last year, tried it, and saved A LOT!!!!!” another shared, clearly excited about how much they’d saved. 

“I have a stacked washer dryer and I unplug it when not in use,” another commented.

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