7 Brilliant IKEA Hacks You Need To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Space

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IKEA’s slogan is “A world of inspiration for your home,” and it really isn’t an exaggeration. As you wander through the global conglomerate’s floors, you’re presented with merchandise in meticulous displays of comfort and style. Every small, furnished room is an opportunity to see the potential of a chair, dresser, storage container, and more. It’s crazy to think that even these designs are not the only possible life for most of their products. Some can even be used to enhance your outdoor living spaces as well.

While IKEA does feature outdoor furniture and accessories, customers should know that they aren’t limited to them. With some creativity and time, even the most unadorned kitchen accessory can be turned into a statement piece on your patio. From upgraded side tables to hanging plant pots, there is no end to the creative potential of IKEA products. So, here’s a list of some brilliant hacks that you can use to upgrade your outdoor space.

Vertical plant container wall

TikTok user Diana Dougie (@emessucculents) turned simple, white SUNNERSTA containers into a vertical plant wall. With nothing more than a few well-placed hanging bars and some potting soil, the catch-all container became a sleek new pot the perfect size for small succulents. The downsides of this hack include a limited color palette and a lack of drainage. So, to mix things up, you can spray paint the containers. For plants that need well-drained soil, you can use a drill to create drainage holes in the bottoms of the containers.

Lightweight side table

YouTuber Actually Alli DIY turned a monochrome tray table into a cute two-tiered side table in no time. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the GLADOM tray table, but the plain black fades into the background. By replacing the top piece with the SOMMERDRÖM RATTAN tray, the look is suddenly elevated by the pop of color and texture. Sadly, this product is no longer on IKEA’s website, however, rattan trays like this one on Amazon can be used instead. Allie tied down the top, but it would be convenient to leave it untied to have a portable tray too.

Planter umbrella stand

Erika (@herzenstimme on Instagram) keeps her patio umbrella standing in style with an IKEA bin and cement. The bin she uses is on wheels, which comes in handy when moving the umbrella around her patio. She adds the finishing touch of a wooden top to slide the handle through while covering the inner workings of the setup. There are so many ways that you can customize this hack too. Remove the umbrella for a mobile side table, or use a large enough pot to create a container garden of shallow-rooted plants like lettuce around the base.

Balcony privacy screen

Having a balcony attached to your apartment building is a welcome space, but it can feel a little awkward when you’re so close to your neighbor. YouTuber Collette realized that she could create a screen that keeps her balcony welcoming but private. Creating the frame from lumber is an easy, separate task that she talks about in another YouTube video. Using ALTAPPEN floor tiles that just click together, you can create a 9-square-foot privacy screen for about $15.99. The tiles have a delicate pattern with some visibility remaining, but similar floor tiles, like the RUNNEN, are more rustic and solid.

Spruced-up pottery

Adding plants to the outdoor lounge area brings a splash of life. But let’s be honest, the cute pots are so expensive! But YouTuber Actually Alli DIY decided to spruce up a plain NYPON flower pot with spectacular results. She painted over the gray with baking soda paint on the top ring before busting out a few embroidery hoops for the base. A NYPON pot is about $4, but the results look like it was a much higher price. The craft supplies are an extra cost upfront to consider, but you can customize the color of your decor and they can go a long way in your IKEA DIY journey.

Small fire bowl

We’ve seen containers used as flower pots and flower pots used as umbrella stands, and now there’s a hack that turns the plain terracotta CURRYBLAD pot into a glamorous tabletop fire bowl. This design is no longer available but IKEA offers the GRADVIS pot in a similar shape. Designed to the Nines shows the process from start to finish on her YouTube channel. After painting over the surface, she placed three containers of gel fuel inside. Then she poured in some decorative stones to fill in the space and cover the containers from view. And voilà! One possible concern is the flammability of the paint used, so be sure to double-check the label before trying.

Strawberry hanging pot

Let your strawberries spread their legs with this mossy hanging basket created using an IKEA plastic bag dispenser like YouTuber Shelley Levis. The VARIERA is meant to hang flush with the wall of your home, but it can hang on your fence or exterior wall too. Popping the cylinder open is the first step before placing the moss face down. Then put as much compost in as you can fit. The bare-root strawberry plants can then be planted through each hole. With a sleek design, this hack lets you save space and create a vertical garden.

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