How To Properly Propagate Your Topsy Turvy Succulents

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Keep an eye on your topsy turvy during its active growth season (usually spring and summer), and wait for offshoots to form on the base of the stem.  “If it’s making lots of babies, it’s a sign that it’s doing really well,” says Small Things with Moumita in a YouTube video explaining the process of propagation.

When these pups are small, they may be hidden beneath the main plant’s foliage. As they get larger, they may start to look like part of the main plant — or even become heavy enough to cause the plant to tip over. They don’t need to be quite this big before you propagate them, but they should be at least the size of your fingertip. The bigger the pups, the easier it will be for them to develop roots and survive on their own.

Pruning shears may be too big for this delicate job. Find a small, sharp tool like sewing scissors, trimming scissors, or a box cutter, and clean it with rubbing alcohol to prevent transferring any germs to your plant. Then carefully cut the offshoots away from the main plant stem. There may be some dead, dry, shriveled leaves attached to the offshoots; gently pull these off. Now you have baby topsy turvy plants ready for propagating.

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