How To Upgrade Your Starbucks Pink Drink To Taste Like A Creme Saver

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Unlike most other custom beverages hailing from the unofficial Starbucks Secret Menu, the so-called Creme Saver Drink doesn’t technically have an official recipe. In fact, Starbucks fans across the internet each seem to have their own go-to version of the candy-flavored sip. If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, though, it’s that you’ll need to start with a base of the beloved Pink Drink Refresher.

In addition to trying the aforementioned white mocha sauce and Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam customizations, you can also take a page from TikTok user @safespacewithsariah, whose iteration of the Creme Saver beverage has racked up over 57,000 views on the platform. Her version includes vanilla syrup, strawberry purée, and some heavy cream. “It’s definitely the drink for the spring and for the summer,” she says in the video, before comparing it to the strawberry hard candies.

The bottom line? So long as you amp up the strawberry and/or cream aspect of the Pink Drink’s flavoring, you’re practically guaranteed a sip reminiscent of the old-school hard candies. Better yet, you can now even pair your beverage version of a Creme Saver with the real deal. After being discontinued in 2011, the swirled sweets were actually brought back to shelves in 2021, so you can taste the strawberry-flavored nostalgia in more ways than one.

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