Scrappy & Erica Dixon Share Aruba Vacation Footage (Video)

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Social media users are sharing their thoughts after Scrappy and Erica Dixon posted footage from their recent vacation. As The Shade Room previously reported, the pair have been making headlines and sparking rumors of a romantic reconciliation since November 2023.

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Scrappy & Erica Dixon Recently Vacationed Together In Aruba

On Wednesday, February 28, Dixon took to Instagram to share a reel with her fans. In the caption, she wrote, “48 hours in Aruba went something like this 🇦🇼☀️…… “

Additionally, the video featured photos and videos of the tropical location, a snapshot of her and Scrappy posed with their arms around one another, and footage from their underwater excursions.

Check it out by clicking here.

Then, on Thursday, February 29, Scrappy took to Instagram to share his own reel. Additionally, his caption read, “Onna lil quick trip with my dawg and we had a time jack. Had a blast. #FirstTimeInAruba2024 #memories#lovelivelife”

Furthermore, Scrappy shared a particular song over his reel. The tune of his choice was For the Love of You, Pts. 1 & 2‘ by The Isley Brothers.

Check out his video below.

Social Media Chimes In

Social media users quickly shared their mixed reactions to the pair’s vacation in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @marquiataylor_ wrote,I’ll say this and leave it here… NO man will ever be able to leave me, MARRY another woman, then double back.”

While Instagram user @sunskinned added, “Co-parenting without the kid is craaaaaazy 😂💀💀💀”

Instagram user @its_joceee wrote, If they are happy enjoying themselves…. What’s the problem?”

While Instagram user @foxxee_cleopatra added,Why are yall soooo mad?! they both went their separate ways and were living their separate lives, and each had separate children and as adults decided to either get back together or be friends… Y’all act like that’s illegal”

Instagram user @crystalj_ wrote, He all in love and Erica is just enjoying the vibes😂”

While Instagram user @lekcia_d added, Looks like two single people, who forgave each other, and decided to be friends to me…. Idk if I’m that mature but if they are happy, BE HAPPY❤️”

Instagram user @5iftyshadesofray wrote,Just so we’re all clear…This is NOT coparenting 😂”

While Instagram user @indeskribeabull added, These the most together, not together people I’ve ever seen in my life 😂”

Instagram user @queenmexo wrote, She’s wild and he wild too.”

While Instagram user @theconstancejanae added, I’m never getting back w a man that left me for another woman, married her, then had 3 kids. Sorry”

More Details On The Pair’s Recent Outings & Appearances

According to Who’s Dated Who?, Scrappy and Erica began dating in 2002 and became engaged in 2012. However, the pair split the following year. Additionally, they share a teenage dater named Emani.

After their relationship, Scrappy married Bambi Benson. Atlanta Black Star reports that the pair married in 2017. However, they divorced in 2023 after welcoming three kids together.

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In November 2023, Scrappy and Dixon sparked reconciliation rumors. At the time, the pair shared footage of themselves partying it up at a nightclub, per The Shade Room.

Additionally, the pair even hit Usher’s residency concert in Vegas.

In December 2023, the pair ended things off with what seemed to be a romantic spa and dinner date at a lavish resort, per The Shade Room.

Then, in January, the pair brought in the New Year together, per The Shade Room.

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