The Nespresso Frother Hack For Hot Milk With Less Foam

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Start by removing the circular frothing spring from the detachable mixer inside of the Nespresso Aerocinno machine and reattach it to the inside of the machine’s lid. Once removed, place the springless mixer back into the center of the machine and go on to explain that, without it, you can then use your Nespresso frother to make hot milk without the foam — or at least with less of it. The extra step takes just seconds, but it opens up many possibilities for you and infinitely expands the styles of espresso drinks that you can make at home. 


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As mentioned before, one of the benefits of frothing milk by hand is that you can control the amount of foam that ends up in your cup. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s what differentiates a latte from a cappuccino and a cappuccino from a flat white. It’s also how baristas are able to create latte art. While you still probably won’t be able to nail your latte art at home, you will be able to create a drink with minimal foam, and can therefore start offering your guests other milk-based coffee drinks besides just cappuccinos.

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