Warren Beatty Was Nearly Victimized by an Eddie Redmayne Email Scam

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Jamie Dornan, Warren Beatty, Eddie Redmayne.
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Celebrities are just like Us — even they can fall victim to email scammers.

While appearing on the Thursday, February 29, episode of the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, Jamie Dornan recalled how Warren Beatty nearly fell victim to a scammer pretending to be Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne. “Eddie got scammed on his email and we all got emails saying, like, ‘Guys, I’m up against it here. I need some cash,’” Dornan, 41, explained to host Josh Horowitz.

Dornan went on to note that the one person out of all of Redmayne’s email contacts to respond to the message was Beatty, 86. “I think I’m OK to tell this,” he joked before adding, “We all just got individual emails saying, ‘Guys, I need you to wire me some cash,’ and fair credit, Warren Beatty was like, ‘Whatever you need.’”

While Dornan didn’t specify when the email scam occurred, he did note it took place “just before [Warren] read out the wrong name at the Academy Awards.” Beatty and his Bonnie and Clyde costar Faye Dunaway incorrectly named La La Land as the Best Picture winner at the 2017 Oscars before a crew member announced that Moonlight was the correct winner.

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Dornan and Redmayne’s friendship dates way back before the email scam incident as they were roommates in Los Angeles during the early days of their careers. The duo formed a friend group with other young British up-and-coming actors Andrew Garfield, Robert Pattinson and Charlie Cox before making it big.

“Only Eddie and I lived together, but Garfield and Robert were always around, [and] Charlie Cox,” Dornan told SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show in January 2022, teasing that they were “pretty messy” at the time.

“We were never competitive with each other. You know, we were up for the same stuff a lot of the time, but we were cool with that and it all sort of worked out in their own, kind of, individual way in the end,” he added. “They’re all really great guys and really good actors, and it’s cool that it kind of all happened for us, in a way.”

Jamie Dornan Says Warren Beatty Almost Sent Money to an Eddie Redmayne Email Scammer
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Pattinson, 37, told Entertainment Tonight in March 2022 that he sometimes felt like the “last one invited” to the group’s hangouts, stating, “I was invited as an afterthought. There’d be like one slice of pizza left and I’d be like, ‘Is there any for me?’”

Dornan, however, clarified to ET later that month that he and the other guys hung out more often because Pattinson “had success earlier” than the rest of them. “We were not working and he’s working all the time,” the Tourist star explained. “He did Twilight and was suddenly in a different stratosphere than us and we’ve sort of, not caught up, but we all started working more consistently, but yeah, Jesus, we’ve known each other a long time.”

Later that year, Redmayne revealed during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that he once didn’t recognize Pattinson while working out at the same gym. At the time, Redmayne and Pattinson were filming Fantastic Beasts and The Batman, respectively, at the same studio.

“I walk in and there’s this guy and this guy goes ‘Hi’ and I go ‘Hi’ and then I just sort of sit there watching him do these incredible things while I sort of weakly do a sit-up in the corner,” he shared. “As I’m going, this guy goes, ‘Bye, Eddie!’ And I look back and it was Rob. And he was so physically changed and he had a man bun and what I’d seen him do was so dumbfounding. He completely transformed himself.”

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