Rob Gronkowski Recalls Getting In Trouble With Patriots At 2010 NFL Draft

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The 2010 NFL Draft was a success for the New England Patriots.

After drafting safety Devin McCourty with the 27th pick in the first round, the Patriots selected Rob Gronkowski with their second-round pick.

After being handed a Patriots helmet and hat, Gronkowski posed for a picture with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the future New England legend celebrated a little too long with his family on the stage.

Gronkowski shared the story of what happened next during Episode 6 of Apple TV+’s docuseries “The Dynasty.”

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“All of a sudden, I get a phone call from the Patriots and they said, ‘Hey, Rob, can you get off the stage now? Enough is enough,’” Gronkowski recalled. “And I’m sitting there like I’m already in trouble. It’s been five minutes since I’ve been on the Patriots, and I’m already in trouble.”

He added: “I can picture Bill (Belichick) being in the draft room like, ‘Why the (expletive) did we draft this kid?’”

What’s great is the Patriots have draft room footage from that night in 2010, and there’s a cut to Belichick watching Gronkowski goof off on the screen. All Belichick can say is “Lord have mercy on us.”

As the episode reflects on one of the most important draft classes in Patriots history, it takes a dark turn when Belichick and Robert Kraft recall the Aaron Hernandez saga. At the same time, Jonathan Kraft admitted he made the decision to release the troubled tight end following his arrest.

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The next two episodes of the series titled “Under Pressure” and “Score to Settle” will air on March 8 exclusively on Apple TV+.

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